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PLEASE READ! A note from the trailblazers:

We have seen the Dam Half trail challenge grow from a small race for hardcore trail runners to a popular event enjoyed by entire families. While the first races had fewer than 50 finishers, we now have a few hundred runners out on the trail on race day. We’re not alone; trail running and racing has exploded in popularity in central PA, and the number, variety, and quality of races here has gotten national attention. So it’s understandable that many people looking to try something new would want to see what our race has to offer. In order to have an enjoyable yet safe day on the trails, here are some details about the Dam Half to make sure our race is for you.

The course is mostly single-track trail connected by some forest roads and will include roughly 2300 feet of elevation gain. This puts it in the middle range of “central PA trail race difficulty level”. Though not as brutal as some, it has challenging climbs, descents, and rocky technical sections - everything that makes a PA trail race a PA trail race! It is not a plush rails-to-trails race, so if this is your first time racing on trails you may want to consider our Dandelion, Snowfest, or Night Flight races first.

Of course, if you’ve done some of the more difficult races – like other half marathons in the Rocksylvania Series – you’ll feel right at home!

Please pay attention during the pre-race gathering, where you’ll get valuable info about race day trail conditions. And remember: no matter what you do, follow the trail of orange ribbons! If you go 100 yards without seeing any ribbon, turn around and go back! We use a LOT of orange ribbon and as you pass one you can also usually see the next one and the previous one. The only time that’s not true is when you’re in dense growth and to go off trail you’d need a machete anyway!

CUTOFF TIMES: We have found a need to institute and enforce cutoff times at each aid station. Please understand that our race depends on our volunteers, and in recent years they have needed to work extra hours for a handful of competitors who did not approach the event as the trail race it is. In addition, the health and safety of both volunteers and competitors are a priority and become increasingly difficult to manage the longer the event goes on.

We are setting a six-hour time limit to complete the race. Cutoffs to reach each aid station are based on a generous 27.5 minute-per-mile average pace (adjusted to reflect the difficulty of each leg - especially the stairway). We recommend a competitor who is unable to maintain this pace on the course to please consider less challenging trail events and venues.

These times will be:
First aid station at Douty Mill Trail (5.2 miles): 10:05am
Second aid station at Black Gap Rd (8.7 miles): 11:50am
Third aid station at McCall Dam Rd (11.2 miles): 12:50pm

for understanding!



The RB Winter Trail Challenge (Dam Half) is one of the venues involved in the Rocksylvania Trail Series. The series has been expanded to 20 local races broken down into four divisions based on race distance. Division 1 – 10K, Division 2 – Half Marathon, Division 3 – 25k, and Division 4 - Ultra. This will give runners the option of concentrating on distances that are more to their liking. Stay tuned! More details to come concerning prizes and awards for the series. Below is a list of the half marathon distance races.

Good luck with your training! Falcon Race Timing will be keep track of all points throughout the series. More info can be found HERE.

Greenwood Furnace Trail Challenge – May 3
Chief Wetona Challenges – May 16
Hyner Half – August 28
Dam Half – September 26
Raven Trail Half Marathon – October 3
Highland Scramble - October 31



The Dam Half is a challenging trail ½ marathon staged in the forests of central Pennsylvania. We hope that both runners and hikers will continue to enjoy the 13-mile course that takes contestants over single & double track trails with some portions of fire roads.  The contestants will be subjected to rocks, mud,

downed trees, stumps, roots, woodland creatures and small stream crossings.  Competitors will scale challenging ascents with scenic vistas before the final downhill to the finish line!





2023 Dam Half
Sunday, September 17th


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